Understanding Leg Pain (Knee, foot, and ankle pain) and how chiropractic care could help treat and relieve it.

What is Leg Pain?

Is foot, knee, or ankle pain bothering you? You’re not alone; 24 percent of adults have problems in their joints from the knees down. As people age, the chances of lower leg pain increase drastically, specifically in the knee, foot, and ankle. Tenderness, a decreased ability to move, walk, or bear weight, and swelling or stiffness in the joint could also mean you are at risk for a variety of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or other diseases.

When leg pain arises without injury, it is probably caused by pressure caused by a change in lifestyle or an increase in body weight. Since the joints below the hips are relatively small, drastic changes in lifestyle or body weight can easily cause strain or shift the joints such as the knee, foot, or ankle quickly.

When we qualify and accept a patient, our first step is to find out the actual cause of your leg pain. For example, it may be an organic cause, or it could be mechanical. Most of the cases that we see are mechanical, which is good news because this is a window in which we have great success.
Next, we determine the best course of treatment that will suit each client’s particular case.
If it’s disc-related, we consider Spinal decompression; if the pain is purely mechanically based, we will prescribe alignment treatments along with core muscle stabilization sessions.
If our client is in acute pain, we may start with cold laser therapy to reduce inflammation so that they will generally feel relief, which will allow us to move on to the correction stage of the care.

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