Understanding neck pain and how you could help relieve it with routine chiropractic care.


What is Neck Pain?

Your neck is so prone to pain since it acts as a bridge between your head and your torso and allows for motion of your head. The neck comprised of seven vertebrae, which is then held up by many ligaments and muscles. Neck pain often occurs when the muscles, joints, and ligaments in the neck become inflamed or irritated.

Neck pain typically ranges from minor to excruciating and debilitating. 

In many instances, this is caused by sleeping. Whether a bad pillow and mattress or abnormal sleeping position. However, it can also be due to poor posture, falling, or injuries from sport or whiplash.

Neck pain can also signify immediate medical attention is needed when combined with other symptoms it should be attended to immediately. In some rare cases, neck pain is caused by growth abnormalities, infections, tumors, and even cancer.

 Common symptoms of include:

  • A general feeling of tenderness and soreness 
  • Pain that can eventually start from the head and move down into the shoulders, arms, and fingers
  • Stiff neck with limited range of motion
  • Concentrated sharp or stabbing pain

How Do Chiropractic Treatments Help Those with Neck Pain?

Chiropractic Care is a great, non-surgical and non-prescription way to relieve discomfort and pain the discomfort caused by neck pain. With a period of constant chiropractic care provides those suffering from neck problems with a non-invasive, safe, and non-addictive alternative for patients to help them manage their pain, discomfort, or swelling.

Chiropractors deliver a gentle therapy, known as a chiropractic adjustment.

These adjustments help to reduce joint restrictions and misalignments in the shoulder and other joints in the body. Additionally, these adjustments are made to both reduce pain and improve the function of the tender joint and nervous system. Through increasing joint mobility and improving your nervous system function and spinal health. This allows your body to better manage the pain.

Here are some of the health benefits chiropractic care can help those with Neck Pain:

  • Reduced discomfort and pain
  • Lowered inflammation in the affected region
  • An increase in the range of motion
  • Better physical function, flexibility, and strength

How We Help Those With Neck Conditions

If and when we find out we can help someone with neck pain and accept them as a patient,  The thing we try to do is find out the root cause of your pain.

In some cases, its caused by an organic problem however many cases it has a mechanical root. Or it may be caused simply by your pillow or office chair – either way, we will determine the cause and decide if you need treatment or not. If we determine the problem to be mechanical, this is good news since this is a window of expertise in which we typically have great success.

Once we have established the source of the neck pain, we decide the best course of treatment that will suit each client’s particular case.

For example if the pain in a patients neck is disc-related, we consider Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression; if the pain is purely muscle or ligament based, we will prescribe alignment treatments along with core muscle stabilization sessions.
In extreme cases where our client are in severe pain, we start with cold laser therapy which helps control inflammation and also helps them generally feel relief, this also allow us to begin the correction stage of our care.

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