How Chiropractic Care Helps Sciatica| Sciatica Therapy

If you are currently suffering from the intense pain of sciatica, it is understandable that all you want is a therapy relieve your pain. Many peoples first reaction is an to request drugs as an initial choice for sciatica treatment to make the pain go away. 

While medications could provide temporary relief, we advocate sciatica therapies that get to the source of the problem.

Here at Dublin Chiropractic, Sciatica Therapy is one of our specialties.

First, one of our expert doctors at Dublin Chiropractic performs a structural examination, including spinal scans, to locate the problem.

Secondly, if we conclude that we can help your case, a combination of chiropractic adjustments, non-surgical Spinal Decompression, cold laser, core muscle stabilization, and physiotherapy is prescribed to create a complete sciatica therapy program.

Treatment features: 

  • Is non-invasive so it does not have the dangerous risks of surgery or injections.
  • For most patients, it is 100% painless most patients fall asleep during their sessions!
  • Gets to the root cause of the problem and helps it heal logically!
  •  Works Fast! Most patients get relief after a handful of treatments – some even after the initial!

What is causes sciatica pain?

We found in the hundreds of cases of sciatica we have treated in our Dublin clinic; herniated discs are the most common cause. When you have a herniated disc, downward forces can cause your spinal bones to grind against each other. This causes damage the disc. 

Furthermore, this results in the space between your vertebra decreasing and results in the soft jelly-like disc to squeezes out. The is called a herniated disc protruding disc, and or an extruded disc. This squeezed out disc can cause extreme pain, with tingling and numbness in your legs, neck, arms or back when the disc material pushes into and pinches the nerve. 

To relieve and prevent this problem, we slightly pull the compressed spinal bones apart, that takes the pressure off of the disc, the disc bulge comes off of the nerve and solves the problem. This therapy is Non-surgical spinal Decompression.