What Is ‘Dublin Chiropractic’?

While all chiropractic clinics focus on healing the body by first helping the spine.

Dublin Chiropractic is different because we believe in a model designed to maintain and preserve lifelong health.

Here at Dublin Chiropractic we don’t just seek to correct the symptom and provide relief.

We look to promote holistic healing throughout the whole body.

While chiropractic methods provide effective temporary relief, a holistic correction has lifelong benefits.

This is because we address the significant underlying causes of ailments rather than only focusing on minor surface symptoms. 

At Dublin Chiropractic, our focus is to diagnose, address and correct these root of the problem to address underlying issues.

This dysfunction ranges from the nerves, muscles, organs, tissues and even some cases, cellular issues.

Additionally, If we believe we chiropractic care can help in your specific situation, we will use it to actively correct any issue by conducting complete and thorough analysis and adjustments of the spine. This allows us to promote the natural healing abilities of the human body.

How Our Model Works

Just as your doctor wouldn’t begin treating a heart attack through addressing numbness in someone’s arm.

A chiropractor shouldn’t target a disorder by only easing pain solely in the shoulder, for example.

When a person suffers trauma to the base of their neck, say from an accident, or a sports-related injury. This can result in that person’s posture.

This can, in turn, cause the rib-cage to shift along with spinal and pelvic muscle groups. 

Over time this extra pressure on the discs in the back wear down and can result in significant trauma to the nerves.

At ‘Dublin Chiropractic’ will treat the posture change in the upper neck rather than simply addressing the resulting pain in the pelvis.

Specialized Principled Care

At Dublin Chiropractic, we specialize in the analysis, detection and correction of the problem at the source to for the peak performance of the body and provide real and long-lasting relief from a variety of common conditions.

Additionally, we use only the most advanced technology and techniques. This is with the primary goal of effectively keep your spine and nervous system health optimal and allow you to live a long and happy life.