The core is a popular topic that a lot of people spend a lot of time and energy training. However, often the true intrinsic core muscles are left out or ignored in favor of the superficial muscles that look good! 

The intrinsic core is composed of the transverse abdominals, internal, multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic floor. The function of these muscles is to support the lumbar spine and create intra-abdominal pressure. 

This means that these muscles are crucial for preventing major back injuries like herniating a disc. If there a lack of strength in any one of these essential muscles, you may notice posture changes such as a slouched forward posture through the shoulders and thoracic spine. Maintaining strength and control of the intrinsic core muscles is extremely important to ensure the proper function and health of your back.

What Causes Weakness in the Intrinsic Core?

So, what causes the intrinsic core to get weak? Unfortunately, it is widespread to find people with weakness in one or several of the intrinsic core muscles. 

Most people develop problems when they get an injury that causes their posture to change. Unfortunately, most people with any back problem typically suffer from a weakened intrinsic core. This is because the body is stuck in a compensation state of using extrinsic back muscles instead of the core.

Another one of the most common causes of weakness is caused by incorrect exercise. When people focus too much on training the external core muscles like the abdominals and the obliques. The deeper intrinsic muscles tend to get ignored by allowing the larger extrinsic muscles to do all the work instead. 

The other reason includes sitting too much. Sitting for long periods, especially with poor posture, leads to a significant weakening of the core.

Strength and Stability

The strength that comes from the core is essential. However, the other side of understanding the intrinsic core is how important it is to have a balanced relationship with the core muscles. 

By balance, it means that both strength and flexibility of the core muscles are congruent. This makes them more adaptable. We use this adaptability when we are faced with demanding strength-based postures such as arm balances, lifting, jumping and movement in general. 

Make Sure Your Intrinsic Core Is Working Correctly

Getting your intrinsic core to work correctly is essential to prevent lower back injuries and maintain the health of your spine. If you would like any more information about intrinsic core strength or would like an assessment, feel free to contact Dublin Chiropractic or fill out our questionnaire.