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Groin Pain Treatment & Relief Ireland

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Treating Groin Pain In Dublin, Ireland

Groin pain is a common complaint about many people. It can come on slowly or it can be sudden and intense, but groin pain will keep you from enjoying life if left untreated. Thankfully, groin pain doesn’t have to affect your daily life! There are physical therapy treatments that can help relieve groin pain and allow you to live without the constant nagging discomfort of groin pain.

We’ll discuss the treatments we offer at Dublin Physical & Chiropractic for groin pain in this blog post!

What Causes Groin Pain?

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Groin pain can come on suddenly due to a groin strain, which is an injury involving the groin muscles or adductors. A groin pull or tear causes this type of groin pain and will cause sudden sharp groin pain that may also be accompanied by bruising along the affected area where the muscle has been pulled. Sudden onset groin pain after an injury is fairly common, but groin pain can also come on gradually over time due to a variety of causes.

Groin Pain Due To Degeneration In The Hip

Over time, the bones in the hip slowly begin to degenerate, and with age, the process of regeneration slows down as our metabolism slows. This can lead to general pain around the hip and groin that may be accompanied by stiffness when you wake up in the morning, which goes away after you move around for a bit.

Groin Pain Due To Repetitive Motion From Running Or Other Sports Activities

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If groin pain is due to overuse through sports activities like running or soccer, groin pain may come on gradually after repeated stress on the muscles of the groin. Gradual onset groin pain during sports activities is a common complaint among recreational athletes. It is important to adequately warm up before sports, and complete a sufficient cool-down afterward. This will prevent injuries like a groin tear or strain as it gives your body, and all its systems, adequate time to adapt to an increase or decrease in activity.

Groin Pain Due To Other Causes

If groin pain doesn’t fit into the categories above (a sports injury, or degenerative hip), there are still other possible causes of groin pain that should be evaluated by your physical therapist to rule out serious conditions like appendicitis and hernia. If you’re experiencing groin pain, make an appointment with Dublin Physical & Chiropractic for a consultation and individually tailored treatment program!

We Help People With Groin Pain In Dublin, Ireland

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Do you have groin pain?

If so, we can help. We’re a team of experts that specialize in relieving groin pain for good. We offer a range of evidence-based innovative treatment options – physical therapy, laser therapy, spinal decompression, joint traction,- to treat your condition effectively.

Our expert team has helped thousands of people just like you relieve their groin pain with non-surgical interventions tailored to them. So if you want to get back doing the things you love without any side effects or drugs then come see us at Dublin Physical & Chiropractic.

How We Help People With Groin Pain

We’ve talked a lot about groin pain and how we treat it, but let’s talk more specifically about the treatments at Dublin Physical & Chiropractic that help relieve groin pain.

Physical Therapy Care 

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Our physical therapists use a wide variety of treatment options to help relieve groin pain. The initial goal of the physical therapist will be to reduce any pain and discomfort. Our physical therapists use a combination of hands-on therapies, like massage therapy, joint mobilizations and stretching, and gradual exercise therapy to reduce pain and discomfort. The next step is to rebuild the strength and resilience of the groin muscles or adductors. Your physical therapist will slowly progress your exercise program to rebuild the strength of the muscles, for long-term resolution and prevention of future injuries.

Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy involves targeted light energy to stimulate the tissue and produce a natural healing response. Laser therapy for groin pain is an effective and natural treatment option to help relieve groin pain at Dublin Physical & Chiropractic. For more information call us at (01) 254 4800. 

Spinal Decompression 

We also offer spinal decompression! That might sound scary but is actually very relaxing. Many of our clients love spinal decompression. Spinal decompression involves using controlled traction and relaxation of the spine and relieves pressure on the nerves of the spine to help relieve groin pain. In many cases, pressure on the nerves is the cause of dysfunction and orthopedic conditions throughout the body, as the nerves are the pipelines to all the muscles and organs of the body.

Spinal decompression for groin pain is a powerful treatment option that can provide you with real groin pain relief! If you want to know more about groin pain and our treatments available at Dublin Chiropractic Clinic then give us a call today.

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