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Labral Tear Hip Treatment & Relief Ireland

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We Treat Hip Labral Tears In Dublin, Ireland 

Labral tears of the hip can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, but they are not uncommon. In this blog post, we will discuss labral tears and how to treat them at Dublin Physical & Chiropractic. We also want to help you understand labral tear symptoms so that you know when to seek treatment from a professional.

Hip pain

What Causes Labral Tears Of The Hip?

A labral tear of the hip can develop for a few different reasons. Some common causes include:

  • Excessive stress on hips due to high-level athletics or repetitive motions (e.g., running, jumping).
  • Direct impact to the hip area that may cause labrum damage (e.g., car accident injuries).

When labral tears are due to high-level athletics that cause repetitive hip stress, the labrum may become damaged over time. This is because of how much stress this area experiences during certain movements and activities.

Symptoms Of Labral Tears 

One common symptom of a labral tear in your hip is groin pain. This may be accompanied by labral tear hip symptoms, such as:

  • Sharp or shooting pain in the hip area that worsens with certain activities (e.g., walking upstairs).
  • A “catching” sensation deep inside the hip during movement
  • Inability to extend your leg fully because of labrum pain
  • Hip labral tear symptoms get worse when you place your leg in certain positions (e.g., crossing one leg over the other).

To relieve symptoms of labral tears, our physical therapists often prescribe exercises to reduce pain and inflammation and increase freedom of movement.

We Help People With Labral Tears In Dublin, Ireland 

Are you suffering from hip pain?

If so, we can help! Our team of experts specializes in orthopedic conditions. We offer a range of evidence-based innovative treatment options – including physical therapy, laser therapy, spinal decompression, and joint traction. Intrinsic core strengthening and manual therapy (spinal adjustments and manipulations) are also available to help reduce your symptoms. All of our treatments are drug-free, non-surgical interventions that are tailored to you. Let us take care of your pain today!

Hip Labral Tears Dublin Physio

You don’t have to live with the pain any longer – let us treat it for you! Call Dublin Physical & Chiropractic today at (01) 254 4800 or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists who will provide a comprehensive assessment before developing an individualized treatment plan just for you.

We’re confident that once we get started on your path towards recovery, you won’t want to stop until the job is done right!

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How We Treat Labral Tears In Dublin, Ireland 

At Dublin Physical & Chiropractic, our physical therapists are dedicated to helping you reduce symptoms associated with labral tears and treat the tissue damage itself, promoting strong and healthy joints. We offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments that can help with labral tear treatment in men and women – including laser therapy, spinal decompression, joint traction (manipulation), core strengthening, and manual therapy (spinal adjustments). All of our labral tear treatments are drug-free.

Physical Therapy Care 

Physical therapy is very effective for treating both short symptoms and promoting long-term resolution. Our physical therapists use a combination of hands-on therapies and exercise to;

  • Reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Increase pain-free range of motion.
  • Strengthen the muscles around the hip and low back.
  • Allow the safe return to recreational and sporting activities.
  • Promote long-term symptom resolution, and health and wellness.

Labral Tear physiotherapy

Our physical therapies will work with you to design an individually tailored treatment plan that works for you. They are experts when it comes to joint problems, and they know what it takes to achieve the outcomes you want.

Laser Therapy 

Laser Therapy is a highly effective labral tear treatment that uses low-level laser therapy to help reduce labrum hip pain. Low-level lasers are used because they penetrate deep into the tissue, helping relieve labral tears symptoms quickly and efficiently by stimulating cell repair at a cellular level.

Joint Traction & Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression is an effective labral tear treatment option for patients suffering from labral hip pain. During this treatment, our physical therapists use a decompression table to gradually and gently stretch out the spine and alleviate pressure on the discs between each vertebra. This labrum hip treatment can also help relieve labral tears symptoms by reducing excess pressure on your joints, increasing oxygen-rich blood to the damaged tissue, and promoting the body’s natural healing process.

Core Strengthening & Manipulation Treatment 

Most people do not use their core muscles correctly or at all. Our core has so many potential benefits when used correctly. Intrinsic core strengthening will activate your core muscles and help offload the demands and stress put on your joints that in turn are leading to pain, inflammation, and impeding you in your daily life.

Our strong core muscles can take a lot of the stress and demands put on our bodies. But for most people, the muscles can surround our joints and the somewhat vulnerable structures of our joints (such as the cartilage, ligaments, or bursas) take all the load.

For prevention of injury and pain, for optimal functioning and to truly function to bodies true potential, it is important to not only use the muscles that surround our joints but also to use our core muscles!

Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractic spinal adjustments work by freeing stiff joints in your neck, mid-back, or low-back that may be contributing to the development of joint conditions, like labral tears. When the joints of the neck, mid-back, or low-back may stiff that puts pressure on the important nerves that come from your spinal cord.

These nerves control how well your muscles work and how your joints move. So it is very important to relieve any pressure put on the nerves of your spine.

Upper Body Strengthening Dublin Physio

At Dublin Physical & Chiropractic, we know how important it is for men and women suffering from labral tears to get labral hip treatment in order to get their lives back. We’re here for you every step of the way, offering labral tear treatments that can help reduce your labrum hip pain and manage symptoms associated with labral tears such as stiffness, soreness, and limited mobility so you can go about doing what you love again!

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