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Hip Replacement Treatment & Relief Ireland

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Post-Hip Replacement Health & Wellness In Dublin, Ireland

Hip replacement is a procedure that replaces the hip joint with an artificial hip. The procedure can be done as a total hip arthroplasty or a hemiarthroplasty. In this blog, we will discuss physical therapy rehabilitation post hip replacement and why it is important for your recovery after surgery.

How We Help People Post Hip Replacement

If you’re looking for a hip replacement recovery program, we can help.

Our expert and professional team specialize in orthopedics and rehabilitation. Our treatment options are drug-free, non-surgical interventions tailored to your specific needs. All of our treatment options are evidence-based and innovative – including physical therapy, exercise therapy, core strengthening, and chiropractic care (spinal adjustments and manipulations).

Our interventions are designed to reduce your symptoms and provide long-term health and wellness.

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Physical Therapy-led Rehabilitation Post Hip Replacement

Physical therapy-led rehabilitation is important to post total or partial/Hemi hip replacement as it will you the best long-term functional outcomes, for example, it reduces pain, swelling, and stiffness post-surgery promotes healing of any tissues damaged during surgery, and the adaptation of the body to new hip replacement. But also strengthens and reconditions your body again after surgery to get you back on your feet and participating in the activities you love to do.

Hip Replacement Dublin Physio

Our physical therapists are experts in post-operative care, they will work closely with you, your GP, and the surgeon to put in place the best rehabilitation program for you. The overarching goal of physical therapy-led rehabilitation is to help you have the best recovery possible, which means being pain-free, having good mobility to move freely without swelling or stiffness – to enable you to function optimally in your day-to-day life and participate in hobbies and sports you love to do without fears or worries, but feeling strong and confident in your body.

Symptoms Management Post Hip Replacement

Symptoms can be managed through physical therapy-led hip replacement rehabilitation. As everyone’s rehabilitation journey is different, as there is so many variables to consider, for example, the surgery impacts everyone differently Therefore each rehabilitation program has to be unique and goal-orientated.

There is so many physical therapists can do, and we will design the best program for you with updated evidence. But It is important to remember any rehabilitation takes time. And your body is capable of so much, and the only thing that can heal your body, is your body, just give it time, knowing you are doing your best to help it recover.

Hip Replacment Dublin Physio & Chiropractic

Pain Management 

Physical therapy can also help with pain management. Hip replacement surgery is a major surgical procedure that is often coupled with post-operative pain. Adequate rest and good quality sleep are very important post-surgery as your need it recovers and re-build new cells. Our Physical therapists also recommend light activity in the early days post-surgery as this helps reduce pain, promotes quicker recovery times, and reducing the degree of muscle loss during rest.

Swelling Management 

Swelling is a common symptom, but physical therapy-led hip replacement rehabilitation can help reduce swelling. First, our expert physical therapy will manage your pain and inflammation with ice treatment to speed up the healing process. As well as using compression garments or bandages that are designed for hip surgery recovery. These compressive garments often have a pocket in the hip area that can be filled with ice or a cooling pad to reduce swelling.

Scar Management 

Often hip replacement surgery will leave scarring, but physical therapy can help reduce the appearance of scars. Scar management is an essential part in your hip replacement rehabilitation process because it helps with flexibility, pain relief, and range-of-motion (ROM). Our expert physical therapists recommend using coconut oil or vitamin E to massage into the skin twice a day to reduce scarring.

Improving Hip Mobility 

Physical therapy hip replacement rehabilitation is a great way to improve hip mobility in the early days after surgery. Our physical therapists understand what movements are important to start working on post-surgery and what movements should be avoided in the early days. It is important to start mobility exercises as soon as possible to promote a smooth adjustment to the new hip and to reduce stiffness in the surrounding muscles.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is so important for symptoms management and long-term health promotion and the longevity of your hip joint. The goals of exercise therapy post hip replacement are to reduce hip pain, build hip strength in the surrounding, increase hip range of motion, improve balance and coordination, and encourage a normal gait. But It is important to remember any rehabilitation takes time as your body has been through a major surgery procedure so it needs time to recover. So your exercise program will progress as you process in a graded, step-wise manner.

Exercise Therapy post hip replacement dublin physio & chiropractic

Walking Post-Hip Replacement

Many people are nervous to walk again post-hip replacement but it is perfectly safe to do and very beneficial for promoting general health and wellness and preventing complications, like lung infections and muscle wasting. Walking also promotes healthy weight-bearing through the hip joint – allowing your body to adjust to the new hip. Your physical therapist will teach you how to properly use one or two crutches, and once you are ready, they will ensure you are walking correctly.

Walking after a hip replacement Dublin Physio

Core Strengthening Post Hip Replacement

The hip is the main weight-bearing joint in your body. Because of this, the hip function has a direct impact on how you walk and stand – which ultimately affects overall health and wellness. Weak hip muscles can lead to poor posture, lack of balance control, reduced mobility. To help your hip is it important to have strong core muscles. Having a strong core sufficiently helps your recovery as the demand put on the muscles of your body is evenly distributed when the core is working.

Why Choose Us For Post-Hip Replacement Rehabilitation 

Dublin Physio & Chiropractic Hip Replacement

Dublin Physical & Chiropractic are dedicated to helping hip replacement patients with physical therapy and chiropractic support. Our team of expert physical therapists and doctors work together as a team to provide you with the best hip replacement rehabilitation process possible. With specialized orthopedic knowledge and an unmatched understanding of how the body works, we want to share it with you to help you reach your recovery goals.

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