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Jones Fracture Treatment & Relief Ireland

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Treating Jones Fractures In Dublin, Ireland

If you have suffered a Jones fracture, then you will be pleased to know that Dublin Physical & Chiropractic offer an extensive range of treatments to help relieve your symptoms and speed up the healing process.

Our team of experienced physical therapists and chiropractors are experts in helping people recover from this type of injury, and we can help you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

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Jones Fracture Treatment & Relief

What Is A Jones Fracture?

A jones fracture is a break that occurs in the fifth metatarsal (the long bone on the outer side of your foot), near to where this bone meets with your ankle. It usually affects athletes, such as footballers and runners, who are at greater risk because they put more strain on their feet than most people.

What Causes Jones Fracture?

The most common cause of jones fracture is when the foot twists in an awkward way, for example when you land awkwardly from a jump. This can cause the bone to snap or crack. Another common cause of a jones fracture is an overuse, chronic, repetitive load.

Jones Fracture Treatment & Relief

What Are The Symptoms Of A Jones Fracture?

The symptoms of a jones fracture include:

  • Pain and swelling on the outside of your foot
  • Difficulty walking or bearing weight on the affected foot
  • Bruising around the fracture site
  • A popping or clicking sound when you move your ankle or foot

How We Help People With A Jones Fracture

Do you have a jones fracture?

If so, we’re here to help. We offer a range of evidence-based innovative treatment options – including physical therapy, laser therapy, spinal decompression, joint traction, intrinsic core strengthening and spinal adjustments.

All of our treatment options are drug-free and non-surgical interventions that are tailored to you. Our team has the expertise to provide an optimal treatment plan for your injury or condition. You can expect us to be thorough in diagnosing your condition and providing individualised care with the goal of returning you back to daily activities as quickly as possible!

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Jones Fracture Treatment & Relief

Physical therapy For A Jones Fracture

If you have a jones fracture, physical therapy can be an extremely effective treatment option. Our team of physical therapists are experts in helping people recover from this type of injury, and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Laser Therapy For A Jones Fracture

Laser therapy works by directing a beam of light at the injured area. This energy helps to stimulate the healing process, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. Laser therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for jones fractures, and can help speed up the healing process.

Jones Fracture Treatment & Relief

Shockwave Therapy For Jones

Shockwave therapy works to improve the function and reverse chronic conditions by using powered-sound waves to stimulate the jones fracture. Each session is very quick, and we generally recommend 4-6 sessions. There is a lot of evidence to support the use of shockwave therapy for nonunion fractures.

Spinal Decompression For Jones Fractures

Spinal decompression helps to decrease pressure on jones fractures and discs in your spine, which can improve blood circulation and help speed up the healing process.

Jones Fracture Treatment & Relief

Joint Traction For A Jones Fracture

Joint traction is a treatment that uses gentle pressure or a pulling force to stretch the muscles and ligaments around your jones fracture. This can help to ease pain and inflammation, and improve mobility.

Intrinsic Core Strengthening For A Jones Fracture

Intrinsic core strengthening is a type of exercise that focuses on the deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles and back muscles. These exercises can help to improve jones fracture stability, balance and posture while increasing strength.

Jones Fracture Treatment & Relief

Spinal Adjustments For A Jones Fracture

In some cases, a jones fracture may be caused by an imbalance in the spine (for example if you have a jones fracture on your right foot but actually need treatment on the left side of your spine. In these cases, spinal adjustments may be recommended to help restore balance and reduce the stress on your jones fracture.

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If you have a jones fracture, our team at Dublin Physical & Chiropractic can provide an individualised treatment plan that will help you return to daily activities as quickly as possible!


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