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by | Oct 9, 2021

We Can Help With People With Osteoporosis in Dublin, Ireland

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects millions of people, especially women. It increases the risk of fractures, many people go undiagnosed until admitted to the hospital with a wrist or hip fracture after a fall.

Osteoporotic Fracture

Prevention is the best medicine, and that has special impedance in relation to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can be slowed down or prevented with sufficient early physiotherapy intervention.

If you live in Dublin, Ireland, and are looking for physiotherapy care for the prevention or management of osteoporosis – contact us today or book online through our website.

What is Osteoporosis?

As we age we naturally, slowly lose bone density, for men at a rate of 0.2% and for women 0.5% after the age of 30. Osteoporosis is a condition where bone loss is accelerated, and bones become fragile, increasing the risk of fractures. Osteoporosis occurs when the body’s ability to create new bone cells (osteoblasts) cannot keep pace with the removal of old, damaged bone cells (osteoclasts).

What Causes Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis can have several different causes.

  • Primary Osteoporosis:
  • Postmenopausal Osteoporosis (type I) – Bone loss due to a loss of estrogen and androgen.
  • Senile Osteoporosis (type II) – Bone loss caused by the slowing down of bone regeneration due to the age-related slowing of metabolism.


  • Secondary Osteoporosis:
  • Osteoporosis with a clear cause, for example, hyperthyroidism or certain drugs.

As well as loss of estrogen and androgen, and natural aging, calcium and vitamin D deficiencies, low physical activity, smoking, alcohol, obesity, and family history of the condition, can also contribute to the development of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Dublin Physio

How We Help People With Osteoporosis Dublin, Ireland

At Dublin Physio & Chiropractic we can offer preventative medicine for the prevention of bone loss, osteoporotic fractures, and falls. Physiotherapists are very knowledgeable of the condition and stay update for research on osteoporosis to give our clients the best care.

If you have been recently diagnosed with osteoporosis or have concerns about potentially bone fragility or frailty, and when like to maintain bone density and significantly slow down the progression of bone loss – our physiotherapists are here to help. Book your appointment online today or talk to us on (01) 254 4800.

We will design an individually tailored treatment program to prevent or slow down bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

How We Prevent And Manage Osteoporosis In Dublin, Ireland

Prevention and management of osteoporosis can look quite similar. Osteoporosis or bone loss can be prevented with attention to lifestyle changes. Increasing physical activity, avoiding alcohol and excessive salt intake, and the use of supplements such as calcium and Vitamin D.

Osteoporosis Prevention Dublin

Physiotherapy Care 

Physiotherapy will provide you with a step-wise individually tailored exercise program and education on prevention and management strategies for osteoporosis.

Our physiotherapists use a combination of supervised and home-exercise programs to help you prevent or slow down bone loss and minimize the risk of osteoporotic fractures by improve muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and walking pattrens.

Exercise Therapy 

Exercise is one of the best preventative measures, significantly reducing the risk of chronic cardiovascular and joint-related diseases. It promotes a better overall condition and efficiency on the body.

Exercise therapy is an important component in the treatment of osteoporosis, and physiotherapy exercise programs are tailored to your specific needs.

Goals For Prevention And Management 

All our treatment programs are goal-orienated. The main goals in the management and prevention of osteoporsis are:

  • Maintain bone density.
  • Reduce rate of bone loss.
  • Improve muscle strength and power.
  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Reduce fear of falling.

Working on these goals will significantly reduce fraility and risk of falls in the elderly population.

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Are you looking for a physiotherapist that can help with osteoporosis?

We can provide you with an individualised treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your experience at Dublin Physio & Chiropractic is one which leaves you feeling stronger and free to do the things you love.

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