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A Tear? | A Rotator Cuff Injury | Rotator Cuff Injuries And Rotator Cuff Tears

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We Treat Rotator Cuff Tears In Dublin, Ireland

As a physical therapy and chiropractic clinic in Dublin, Ireland we specialize in the rehabilitation of rotator cuff injuries. The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles that stabilize your shoulder joint and help you to move your arm. Treatment for these injuries may include physical therapy and chiropractic care, exercise therapy, manual therapy, joint traction and spinal decompression, and laser therapy.

Rotator Cuff Injuries Dublin Physio

If you’re experiencing any symptoms associated with an injury to the rotator cuff, have a potential rotator cuff strain, or have been recently diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury or tear, please contact our office today to book an appointment at Dublin Physical & Chiropractic. Our team is an expert on the musculoskeletal system and will work with you to design an individually tailored treatment plan so you can achieve the goals you want.

What Causes A Rotator Cuff Injury?

Rotator Cuff injuries, strains, sprains, full or partial tears – however you wish to describe this kind of injury – the key thing it remembers is stability, stability, stability. Rotator cuff injuries or tears can be caused by a traumatic event – like a sports injuries or can be caused by a gradual repetitive strain from low levels of stress over time that slowly reduces the tolerance or resilience of the muscle and leads to a tear or sprain.

What Is The Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff is very important to a group of four muscles that stabilize and assist in the movement of the shoulder. This is why it is so important to design a treatment program that is stability and strength-focused to adequately rebuild the muscle fibers.

  • Teres Minor.
  • Supraspinatus.
  • Infraspinatus.
  • Subscapularis.

Factors That Increase The Risk Of A Tear In The Rotator Cuff 

Any and every condition from back pain to migraines to arthritis – is multi-factorial, which means there are a number of factors that influence your development (i.e the cause), the impact the condition has on you (i.e the burden of disease), your journey with the condition (i.e recovery).

Rotator Cuff Injuries

So, the question is what are the factors that reduce the likelihood of developing an injury, reduce the burden or impact of the condition and promote a speedy recovery? If you following factors are given attention and if needed modification, you can prevent, reduce the burden and recover from or manage any physical or even psychology issue:

  • Sleep.
  • Diet.
  • Regular moderate strength and endurance training.
  • Regular mobility training.
  • Posture/body awareness.
  • Stress management through mindfulness, yoga, exercise, medication, etc.

We spend our youth working to earn money, disregarding our health, and our retirement paying to get our health back – prevention is the best medicine. Be mindful and proactive.

How we Help People With Rotator Cuff Injuries In Dublin, Ireland

We offer a variety of treatments for rotator cuff injuries, which include physical therapy and chiropractic care, exercise therapy, manual therapy, joint traction, and spinal decompression, as well as laser therapy. Our team members are experts in their fields who will work with you to design an individualized treatment plan that your goals.

Rehabilitation In Dublin, Ireland

We offer a wide range of evidence-based treatment options for rotator cuff injuries or tears.

Our physical therapists use a combination of exercise therapy, manual therapy, laser therapy, and joint traction, and spinal decompression to reduce symptoms and promote long-term health promotion and prevention of injuries. 

Physical Therapy For The Shoulder

Physical therapy is a critical component of rotator cuff tear rehabilitation. The first step is to reduce inflammation and pain. Next, we’ll design a strengthening program for your rotator cuff muscles which are weak due to injury.

Then, our physical therapist will show you how to do daily activities with less stress on these injured muscles – this includes work or leisure activities that may have caused the strain in the first place.

Exercise Therapy 

Following a rotator cuff injury, we’ll teach you how to do your exercises correctly and safely which will speed up the recovery process and increase the likelihood of complete healing.

We can also show you what daily activities put excess strain on your shoulder muscles so that you can avoid them.

Rotator Cuff Injries Exercise Therapy

Manual Therapy 

Our physical therapists, use a combination of joint mobilizations and massage therapy. Manual therapy is very effective for reducing pain and improving the function of injured muscles by releasing tight soft tissues which are pulling on your joints.

Joint Traction & Spinal Decompression

We offer joint traction & spinal decompression treatment for rotator cuff injuries in Dublin, Ireland because it is a highly effective form of therapy that gently stretches the spine or affected joint, and stimulates blood flow to compressed discs and injured joints. It is pain-free and only takes 10-15 minutes per session.

Laser Therapy For Pain Reduction 

Laser therapy works on a cellular level to promote the body’s natural healing processes, reduce pain, swelling, irritation, and loss of function.

Laser therapy is a form of light therapy that can promote cell regrowth and regeneration by increases mitochondria and ATP production in the cell. Laser therapy, like traction and spinal decompression, is also pain-free and only takes 10-15 minutes per session.

Laser Therapy Rotator Cuff Injury

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