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Editorial & Research Policy

Editorial & Research Policy

**No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.

Editorial and Research Policy

Our Editorial and Research Policies serve as a set of primary standards used in creating and publishing content in order to attain the highest standards possible.

Following is a brief explanation of how our Editorial Policies work.

Our Editorial Policy

The content we publish must abide by the following 9 rules as much as is practically possible:

1: Accuracy – we strive to deliver information that is reliable and accurate.

2: Actionability– the content we create has practical value.

3: Comprehensiveness – we attempt to cover all the relevant points on the topic.

4: Concise – we try to omit fluff and get across the point as succinctly as possible.

5: Fair – our aim is to represent our products, company, and information without bias.

6: Original – to find primary data and information, we use our expertise and contact industry experts.

7: User-focused – our priority is user requirements and intent, not our own self-interest.

8: Unique – content is not copied or spun by us.

9: Verifiable – reputable sources are cited to back our claims.


You can express your concerns here if you believe that a piece of content doesn’t adhere to these principles and we’ll take the steps necessary to rectify the issue as far as practically possible.

Our Research Policy

In order to meet our editorial principles, we apply the following research process:

1: Identify an Underserved Query

By seeking out search queries that are incomplete, inconclusive, or inaccurate, rather than rehashing the same data that is already available, we aim to add valuable content to the web.

2: Create the Best Content on the Web

By figuring out the user’s intent behind their search and performing extensive research, we are able to provide the best possible answer that you can find online at the time of publishing.

The way we do this is by sourcing research journals, contacting industry experts for primary data and information, citing solid scientific studies, and expanding on the publicly available points.

3: Satisfy User Intent

It is our goal to produce content that is easy to understand, meets the user’s needs, and complies with our Editorial Policy before it is published.

What Makes Us Unique?

Dublin Chiropractic is unique because our team of writers consists of chiropractors and physiotherapists. By working specifically with underserved search queries, we strive to provide the best possible answers to help users find what they are looking for and improve the web — instead of polluting it with inferior and duplicate content.


Despite our commitment to provide excellent content, we also have some limitations, some of which include the following points.

  • Honest mistakes are possible –real people doing research spend a lot of time typing, making videos, and maintaining the website, which makes it possible for us to make mistakes in our reporting and/or content creation. To prevent such errors as far as is physically possible, the Editorial Policy has been put in place.
  • Content can become outdated – whenever we discover any errors or omissions, we aim to correct them immediately, and review our content on an annual basis to make sure it’s up to date.

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